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LearnOncology.ca contains comprehensive information encompassing the discipline of oncology.  The material is intended to teach medical students, residents, practicing or registered healthcare professionals the skills necessary to manage oncology cases, and is designed to encompass the Canadian Oncology Goals and Objectives for Medical Students

After reading through the Modules, test your knowledge by working through the Virtual Patient Cases and Quizzes, which will provide instant feedback. We hope you find this site educational and a valuable learning resource.



We acknowledge generous contributions of time and dedication from students, residents, physicians and patients for the creation and maintenance of this learning resource and information database.

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We also acknowledge the support of unrestricted educational grants. For more information, please contact us.


This website is an educational resource only and is designed to help medical students, residents, practicing or registered healthcare professionals learn about oncology.

This site is not intended to give medical advice regarding patient management and is not a substitute for medical advice.  For patient management a physician should be consulted.


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